Why Toledo?
Toledo history Fort Meigs Monument

Our History

Discover the robust character and entrepreneurial spirit that defines the history of Toledo, Ohio – a city built on dreams.

Tough settlers conquered this swampland, transforming it into a flourishing community. Following its official founding in 1833, waves of immigrants poured in, driven by pursuit of liberty and opportunity. The blood, sweat, and ambitions of these rugged Toledoans forged a unique odyssey. Observe the lasting influence of the region’s distinct groups of immigrants, who continue to shape its diverse culture today.

Learn how the city was once claimed by both Ohio and Michigan during the bloodless “Toledo War” of 1835. Visit pivotal points along the Underground Railroad and hear the colorful stories behind the origin of the famous exclamation, “Holy Toledo!”

Explore the multitude of ways that Toledo has contributed to American history.