Why Toledo?
Toledo Museum of Art Matisse

Toledo's Ethnic Diversity

Experience the multicultural heritage at the heart and soul of Toledo, Ohio . Trace the individual fibers of ethnic culture that have been woven to form its diverse tapestry.

Visit Underground Railroad sites, and feel their historic significance. Browse vivid African and African-American works at the Toledo Museum of Art. Tour the diverse neighborhoods that have become integral parts of the area’s cultural mosaic.

Sample a variety of multicultural food. Enjoy fascinating cultural art, music, dance, and events, including the Art Tatum Jazz Heritage Festival. Attend the African-American Festival, which features gospel music, rides, food, and a parade. Or spend a day at LatinoFest on the waterfront – the largest of three popular festivals hosted by Toledo’s growing Latino population.

Feel at home in an accessible location with an engaging, worldly perspective.

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