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ProMedica UrgentCare

Part of staying healthy is being prepared for the unexpected. Sometimes, minor injuries or illnesses happen. A nasty cold or a sprained ankle can throw a wrench into your plans for the day, but they don’t have to keep you down for long. When you have medical needs that require prompt attention, ProMedica UrgentCare is there to diagnose and treat your problem. Our caring staff will provide comprehensive care for your and your children’s non-emergency concerns, such as:
• Sprains and minor fractures
• Sore throats, colds and flu
• Fevers
• Coughs
• Allergies
• Earaches
• Sinus infections and sinusitis
• Upper respiratory infections
• Muscle aches and pains
• Abrasions, cuts, scrapes, wounds that may require stitches
• Difficult or painful urination
• Minor burns
• Insect and animal bites
• Back strain and pain
• Body and muscle aches
• Minor eye injuries, infections and irritations

Of course, some chronic health problems, like depression or diabetes, require long-term monitoring. UrgentCare is not meant to treat such chronic conditions. Furthermore, UrgentCare is designed to treat discomfort—not dangerous, life-threatening symptoms. Many health problems require the life-saving services of the emergency department.


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Toledo, OH, 43623
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